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GPM Pediatrics provides comprehensive pediatric care to children throughout the New York Area with practices both in Brooklyn and Staten Island. Our pediatricians and experienced staff help provide a very warm and nurturing environment for both you and your children. Our approach combines the latest treatment methods with the personal attention you should expect from your doctor. Simply put, we understand the importance of communication and trust and we are earning that trust - one family at a time.

GPM Pediatrics is working with parents in keeping our children healthy. We are and have always been a strong proponent of vaccinating children which has helped eradicate many diseases and improved the overall quality of life and mortality rates of children worldwide. The past few decades we have seen an increasing trend of various diseases including developmental and behavioral issues, food allergies and gastrointestinal problems. The issue we have found is less with vaccines but more importantly with the developing immune system and the timing of these vaccines. For this reason we will take into consideration multiple factors including the child's clinical situation, family history, day care, sick exposures and parental views when coming up with a vaccine schedule that is safest and most protective to your child. We have also found that nutritional and environmental factors play a major role which we will emphasize as well. Note: The routine vaccines administered in our office do not contain thimerosal (mercury).

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